2017 Ford Escape Specs,Price And Interior

The first debut in 2000, the Ford Escape, the  2017 Ford Escape, will re-start the process of change. Modern hybrid SUV striking visual change, as well as the internal and entertainment features a number of changes. Away from the market as a strong contender for the high-end SUV is the introduction upgradations.

2017 Ford Escape: Redesign Exterior and Interior

He is interested in visual and special attention is given to the aesthetic body shape to increase the attractiveness of the 2017 Ford Escape. Water for those, who have a preference for the issuance of the new Ford Escape, "and it is! Most easily catch the attention of the changes that occur at the front end only. Combined with air intakes lower processed by the network company. The efficiency of Aero increased as a result of the model . it is also one of the remodeled bumper and the lights will be replaced. the output is defined in the pipes under the bumper and tail lights can be altered or processed, as for the back of the receiver, there are subtle changes you can expect.

2017 Ford Escape interior changes, but with more entertainment and security features do not just want some quality upgradations sport. Ford (low decorations will be displayed) luxury leather seats for one of the classic tile.

His work has been renovated and the SYNC system of this model will be available in the game. Anti-lock system, air bags, stability control system, traction control system, cross-traffic warning system, blind spot monitor, collision safety features, such as sensors and a rearview camera are also available with the 2017 version of Bo 'is. Ford Cabin widespread attention as a luxury drink and drive at the same time they are the emphasis on safety.

2017 Ford Escape: Engine Specs

2017 Ford Escape comes with a change of 2.5 liters. With 168 hp and 170 pound feet of torque engine base model. But for buyers to choose according to their budget and their authority may be required, there are two optional EcoBoost engine. The first is a 1.6 lt. 178 horses and £ 184 feet of torque and motor power. The second is 2 lt. 240 HP and a torque of 270 pound feet of the motor drive. All of these engines with six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive system is programmed. 10-speed data transmission system is under development, but survival is still to be found in a lie.

2017 Ford Escape: Release Date and Price

The price for the basic and the most recent version are different. From 2017 Ford escape for about $ 23, 000. 2017 Ford 
escape, as the release date, nothing concrete has been announced by Ford until now can start around $ 29, 000. The titanium version of the database to avoid, but each does not have to lead to more to the middle of 2016.