BMW M9 Price And Release, high-speed and concepts

BMW M9 is one of the most beautiful models ever made by BMW. Some may differ in this view, but the person's own perspective, the most important thing. The fans have been waiting a long time for this beauty, and finally it was on the market. This design was created by an independent design studio, which, made Radion. Design Radion has represented this new model from BMW with all the advanced technology in the market. BMW M9 is an updated version of all its predecessors. It's like a BMW Coupé in view, but with all the latest technologies and new interior and exterior is updated.

BMW M9: Redesigned Exterior and Interior

Interior BMW M9 just a class apart from all its predecessors. It is a 2-seater sports car, but the space in the room is the fullness of the adjustment in the seats at our convenience. It was recently updated deck with music equipment and battery chargers etc.

Many more features have been introduced in this model, which will be unveiled by the company in the future. Parking airbag sensor and has been modernized with a safety factor in mind.

The overall design of the BMW M9 developed by Radion design. Headlamp LEDs in series in a thin line, which extended to vehicle radiator grille are connected to one another. LED rear lights also light, which is used to make a big impression on the car. The rear lights are L-pattern. The car roof has become stylish yet comfortable for people of any height inside to sit there without difficulty make. Spot lights have also been used. Has a long bonnet and a sporty lock system. Overall outside M9 is a combination of pure sports car and GT with a stylish front long and short back.

BMW M9: Engine Specs

BMW M9 is expected to either V12 or V8 engine in the long bonnet. To give the car a sporty appearance has been enhanced to speed of 100 kilometers per hour with a top speed of this car. Weight of the car is reduced because it has the speed, increases along with a powerful engine. Like its predecessor, has a 4,395 cc engine, is expected to provide more power in this car.

Housing or other parts of the same car with another vehicle from the M-series. The efficiency of this car is the same as all the other cars, though, sports cars, fuel consumption may be slightly higher than other models. But it was not enough to not love this car.

BMW M9: Release Date and Price

There is much less information about the release date of the BMW M9, because it is held company secrets, but we did not expect to release M9 2015 prices in the 2nd half of this year is not really known, but we can assume that it was. in the range of 10-20million without tax on the price yet given the company.